as inflation bites nigeria small businesses struggle to survive food news

as inflation bites nigeria small businesses struggle to survive food news

Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest economies, has been hit hard by inflation in recent years, making it difficult for small businesses to survive. The country’s food industry has been particularly affected, with rising prices of raw materials, transportation costs, and labor expenses.

Inflation Takes a Toll on Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of Nigeria’s economy, accounting for nearly 50{6c117dc0ef721aebaacdd31280ceace167f5a9d6d149956cbe594dbbb7776e39} of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, the country’s high inflation rate, which reached a record high of 18.17{6c117dc0ef721aebaacdd31280ceace167f5a9d6d149956cbe594dbbb7776e39} in March 2021, has taken a toll on these businesses, making it difficult for them to stay afloat.

Food Industry Struggles to Survive

The food industry in Nigeria has been particularly hard hit by inflation. The cost of raw materials such as wheat, sugar, and maize has increased significantly, putting a strain on small businesses that rely on these products. Transportation costs have also gone up due to the rising price of fuel, making it more expensive to transport goods to market. In addition, labor expenses have increased as the minimum wage has gone up, further squeezing small businesses’ profits.

Many small businesses in the food industry have had to shut down due to these challenges. Those that are still operating have had to increase prices, which has made it difficult for consumers to afford basic food items.

Despite these challenges, some small businesses have found ways to survive. Some have diversified their offerings, while others have found ways to cut costs without compromising on quality. However, these businesses are the exception rather than the rule, and many more are struggling to stay afloat.

In conclusion, inflation in Nigeria has taken a significant toll on small businesses, particularly those in the food industry. As the country’s inflation rate continues to rise, it is essential that policymakers take steps to address this issue and support small businesses to ensure the country’s economic growth and stability.

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