Best Way To Hang Pictures At Home

Painting is an integral attribute of a stylish and modern room. This item of decor can decorate a room in the apartment, adding charm and taste to the atmosphere. The paintings can be arranged in the following ways: in the form of a photo gallery, one large canvas, or a modular version. Art prints should be selected based on the style chosen in the interior: classic, canvas prints, lavelart prints, or modern henri matisse prints. Before answering the question: “how to hang a picture?”, You need to decide on the parameters of the canvas.

Best Way To Hang Pictures At Home

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Estimate the weight of the picture and determine the mounting options

Before choosing the mounting type, you must first determine the picture’s weight. For example, paintings framed in wooden or plaster frames can weigh up to 30 kilograms. But even simple paintings on cardboard of considerable size can reach 500 grams. So it will not be difficult to attach one such picture. But what if there are several?

So, the first step before choosing a mount is to determine the weight of the picture and other decorations you plan to hang. It should be borne in mind that the weight of the picture is determined approximately. After all the calculations, you need to assess the strength of the wall: whether it can withstand such a load. If the partition is made of plasterboard, it can withstand a weight of up to 50 kg.

You can do it with hidden fasteners without drilling if you need to hang a few light paintings. However, you should consider more reliable mounts when the weight is more than 500 grams. You can also use gallery systems for hanging paintings.

Classic version with wall drilling

When you do not want to drill a lot of holes, but a couple of spots can be made, you can choose one of two ways to hang canvas prints:

  • Using a solid panel of laminated chipboard, MDF, or similar material;
  • Using a fishing line, tape, cord, rope, or similar suspension made of flexible material.

The first option is suitable for modular compositions of canvases. The board is hung on the wall horizontally. Nails are hammered into it, or screws are screwed in. Paintings are hung on them. The height and distance between the elements are chosen based on personal preference. Boards are also part of the composition. They can look very interesting.

If this method is not suitable, and you need to attach paintings to the concrete wall, you can use a flexible suspension. It can be both horizontal and vertical.

How to hang a picture on the wall without drilling

Light art prints can be attached to the wall without mounting. The following methods are suitable for this:

  • Clothes hook or paper clip. This method is convenient because the walls do not need to be drilled. For fastening of this type, it is necessary to cut wallpaper crosswise where the hook will be inserted. Then the edges are opened and dripped with glue. Until it hardens, insert the unfolded paper clip. This place is closed by the expanded edges of wallpaper. In the same way, fasten the button or carnation.
  • Special spider hook. Such devices are often made of plastic. At the base of the hook are iron pins. They are carefully hammered into the wall. But they are so small that no traces remain on the wall. This fixture is well suited for drywall.

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