Diagnosis of Genetic disorders with genetic test

Female forensic technician collecting biological specimen in DNA tube, close up of womans hands in white uniform with sampled cotton swab

DNA Genetic testing is one of the most rapidly growing segments. With the increase of genetic diseases, have opened new opportunities for genetic testing. This made companies and laboratories interested to supply this demand. All this created a revolution.

The revolution of genetic testing is from being a service-driven market to a product-driven market is expected to provide a momentum for diagnostic companies with innovative technologies to expand into different markets like Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Cancer Genetics, Prenatal tests are the most common type of genetic tests. This genetic test involves of examining a person’s DNA taken from cells in a sample of any body fluids or tissues.

Genetic testing is the analysis of DNA which helps to identify changes in the gene sequence. There are different types of genetic tests like the biochemical tests, that it look for proteins in the genes or the karyotyping test that is the microscopic analysis of stained chromosomes.

The United Kingdom cancer testing market size alone is estimated to be roughly £10-12 billion. The prevalence of cancer is expected to increase as the UK population ages by an approximate of 75-80% in all cancers that are diagnosed in people aged 55 or older and this pattern is expected to increase by 2020.

The genetic test procedure is not difficult for the person and it is low risk. It can be done from different sources like a sample of blood, cheek cells, urine, amniotic fluid or other body tissues. For cancer, several tubes of blood are collected through a thin needle inserted into a vein to get blood.

The advantage of these tests is that they can identify several types of genes. These genes can be inherited and cause the disease or have been mutated.

The best genetic testing online provides multiple benefits to people with family histories of any genetic disorder, not only the early detection of these disorders but also how to proceed to get those disorders in check in the future.