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Fargo Park Board candidate Aaron Hill cites history, business sense as strengths ahead of June election

Fargo, North Dakota is preparing for its upcoming park board election in June 2023. One of the candidates running for the position is Aaron Hill, who is relying on his experience in business and his love for history to win the election.

Hill’s Background and Qualifications

Aaron Hill, a Fargo resident for over 20 years, has a deep passion for history and has previously served on the city’s historical commission. He also has a strong background in business, having owned and operated a successful marketing and advertising company for over a decade. This combination of experience in both history and business has equipped him with the skills necessary to make informed decisions and create positive change within the Fargo park system.

Hill’s Vision for the Fargo Park System

If elected, Hill plans to focus on preserving and expanding the park system while maintaining its historical significance. He believes that the park board should prioritize the maintenance of existing parks and facilities before creating new ones. Hill also aims to increase community involvement in the park system by hosting more events and offering programs that appeal to a wider range of people.

Hill’s Campaign Strategies

To win the election, Hill has been using various campaign strategies, such as attending community events and knocking on doors to meet with Fargo residents directly. He is also utilizing social media platforms to reach a wider audience and share his vision for the Fargo park system. In addition, Hill has been actively seeking endorsements from local businesses and organizations to showcase his support from the community.

Hill’s Competitors and Challenges

Hill is not the only candidate running for the park board position, and he faces competition from other experienced individuals. However, his unique blend of history and business knowledge sets him apart from the other candidates. Additionally, Hill recognizes that the Fargo park system has faced various challenges in the past, such as flooding and budget cuts, but he remains confident in his ability to tackle these issues and create a better future for the park system.


Aaron Hill is a candidate for the Fargo park board election in June 2023 who brings a unique combination of history and business experience to the table. Hill’s vision for the park system involves preservation, expansion, and increased community involvement. He is utilizing various campaign strategies to win the election and has shown confidence in his ability to overcome challenges that may arise. Fargo residents will have the opportunity to choose their next park board member, and Hill hopes to be the one selected to make a positive impact on the city’s park system.

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