Mechanical chimney draught

exodraft has for more than 60 years been the market leader in solutions for mechanical chimney draft and has over the years delivered just over half a million smokers for both private customers and companies.

Why is natural draught rarely enough?

The natural feature of the chimney varies during the year in step with changing temperatures, wind conditions and humidity. For private homeowners with a stove or fireplace, this means that it can be more difficult to light up in the fireplace under certain weather conditions rather than others. For business owners, these natural variations can cause undesirable variation in the production result. Eg. a baker will find that the bread becomes more baked when some external factors are prevalent and less baked when other external factors occur. By installing a smoke extractor from exodraft, a uniform chimney draft is ensured and thus a uniform production result, regardless of wind and weather.

Why have I never heard the term “chimney fan”?

The mechanical chimney fan is actually a 60-year-old invention – and is already on a number of chimneys around the world today. But the solution is not made to be visible – but to be effective. Therefore, you often do not notice that a chimney has a Smoke extractor / chimney fan installed.

exodraft helps you achieve full design flexibility with greater efficiency and security.

We achieve this by:

Individual design

Possibility of long, horizontal pipes

Boiler placement as desired

Apron location as desired

Minimal pipe size and thus optimal utilization of the floor area

Safe residents and dependable buildings

The only system that guarantees safe disposal of the combustion products.

Constant regulated underpressure throughout the pipe system

The only system designed for this purpose

Two years warranty against mechanical defects

Lower operating costs for the customer

The only solution that guarantees that your boilers are energy efficient

Improves boiler efficiency through constantly optimized power

Fast return on investment

Savings on heating costs

Modulating the Smoke extractor / chimney fan keeps costs down

Cast aluminum Smoke extractor / chimney fans ensure a long life and low maintenance costs

Mechanical chimney draft – with regulation

The smoke extraction system is a thoroughly tested concept for mechanical ventilation of boilers, ovens and water heaters. The system maintains a precise feature by continuously adjusting the extract volume and it can provide economic benefits over natural features. The chimney fan is mounted on the top of the chimney and ensures optimal underpressure.