Planning A Wedding on a Budget

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As soon as wedding bells ring, it inevitably calls for detailed and extensive budget planning. Surely, everything needs to be covered: from the ever important and obvious star of the show, the wedding dress, guest list, decorations and not to forget wedding favours. One of the most exciting parts of every wedding is deciding on the wedding favours! Wedding favours are always expected.

On one hand, most couples decide to keep it simple. Admittedly, wedding budgets are a crucially tight; thus leaving little or no room for excessive and unwanted extravagance. Therefore, couple opts for wedding favours such as scented and printed candles, bathing soaps or gels etc.

Let’s have a look at Food Items
It is a known fact that guests love the idea of taking some wedding food back. Therefore, couples often embody food items as their wedding favours. For one, these are loved by all! Secondly, they also tend to fit the budget! Obviously, you cant go wrong with a simple cute little cupcake to take away to home right?

Additionally, some couples simply go for the classic thank you notes. Though they are well received, some guests have certainly left craving for more!

Also, getting an early wedding car quote can save you loads of cash that you can use somewhere else.

However, on another hand, there are some couples who really want to make their day special. Irrespective of their budget constraints, they ensure that the wedding favours are given as much importance as the other features and highlights of the weddings. As a consequence, they turn to some expensive and rather special wedding favours.

These items are also well received by the guests because they prefer to take away something that is easy to carry and also comes of some use. As a result, couples select such options to avoid unnecessary hassle.

The best way in wedding planning is to do a brainstorming of estimated expenses to see if it is still within couples means of income. May not be a realistic budget but its a good start to couple’s special day to remember.