Test your business creativity with Edition 15 of our quiz!

This weekly quiz from YourStory checks your domain expertise, business enterprise acumen, and lateral contemplating

This weekly quiz from YourStory checks your domain expertise, business enterprise acumen, and lateral contemplating expertise (see very last week’s quiz right here). In this fifteenth version of the quiz, we present five problems tackled by genuine-lifetime business people in their startup journeys.

What would you do if you have been in their footwear? At the conclude of the quiz, you will uncover out what the business people them selves really did. Would you do issues in different ways?

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Q1: The millennial factor

Millennials are important motorists of the increase in written content and retail through the world wide web, mobiles, and social media. Currently being on line is vital but not ample for manufacturers to cater to millennials efficiently. What else have to makes do to have interaction with this demographic?

Q2: Innovation – frugal and further than

Substantially has been created of the Indian flair for jugaad or frugal innovation. Though some of these rapid fixes might operate in specified contexts, they may possibly not be sustainable at scale. So how can these improvements be improved on?

Q3: Clothes and gender

Though men’s apparel are built to be practical, with significant and comfy pockets, women’s garments has tended to have little or non-existent pockets, with far more of a focus on fashion. So how can this historic bias be dealt with?

Q4: Viral marketing

‘Viral’ may perhaps not be a fantastic word to use in these days of the pandemic era, but viral advertising and marketing is the desire of numerous companies and entrepreneurs. Factors of viral consequences include things like emotional hooks, phone calls to motion, and resonance with situations of the working day. So what is a very good framework to interact with this viral internet marketing phenomenon?

Q5: Knowledge and frame of mind

It is frequently regarded as crucial to have deep domain expertise to thrive in organization, and respond to or find out from each individual comment manufactured about you. But does it often have to be this way? What’s a superior way of finding out and progressing?


Congratulations on having occur this far! But there is a lot more to come – answers to these 5 queries (underneath), as very well as one-way links to posts with far more information on the entrepreneurs’ alternatives. Content looking at, happy learning – and content developing!

A1: The millennial component

Millennials not only want digital searching alternatives, but are also keen to take a look at and vibe with differentiated brand names, describes Ankur Dayal, Co-founder of ecommerce supplier – Primarc Pecan.

Millennials are affected by a brand’s id and advertising endeavours, and fork out notice to the brand’s positioning and values. It also can help to greatly enhance their working experience with on the web assessments, rankings, improved purchaser services, instant shipping, and added benefits. Read more strategies by Ankur in this article.

A2: Innovation – frugal and over and above

“Our MSMEs consider each individual jugaad as innovation. They are innovative but just about every creativeness is not innovation. Any creativity or jugaad demands to be refined for standardisation, scale, and commercialisation to take care of that as innovation,” explains Amit Kumar, Founder of MSME instruction and advisory system – MSMEx.

But with upskilling, education, and greater obtain to capital, MSMEs can scale up their improvements systematically and compete for the extensive-phrase, in accordance to Sandip Chhettri, CEO of B2B trade portal TradeIndia. Examine much more about MSME innovation alternatives listed here.

A3: Apparel and gender

“I don’t discover any distinct reason why women’s outfits should really not have functional pockets. They are possibly fake pockets or just more than enough to retain coins. That’s just not truthful,” points out Jayalakshmi Ranjith, Trichur-centered Founder of Pockets13.

Her apparel startup is creating clothing for females that defy age-outdated biases in spots like pocket functions. The clothes are customised the way gals want: sans the common industry sizes and with useful pockets. Study far more of how Jayalakshmi’s pursuits below, in the world’s sixth-most significant women’s attire marketplace.

A4: Viral advertising and marketing

“Memes are straightforward, crisp, easy, and over all – humorous. Their tendency to go right away viral, coupled with significant remember value, will make them suitable applications for marketing and advertising,” explains Taaran Chanana, Handling Director and Co-founder, MemeChat App.

“Marketers want to glimpse for the ideal set of ‘memers’ to generate their information,” he provides. But timing is important, considering that memes are dynamic, multipurpose, and time-delicate. Memes permit you to be trendsetters as well, not just pattern followers. Read additional impactful ideas on meme advertising from Taaran here.

A5: Knowledge and mind-set

“You have to have to be a very little numb and a small dumb,” states Ranveer Brar, celebrity chef, MasterChef India decide, author, and meals producer. Working with criticisms can be tricky, and he says one need to know how to differentiate between constructive criticism and a person possessing a negative working day.

Ranveer advises young creators to not indulge in overthinking each remark created on social media. Mastering what to listen to, when, and how is a vital section of advancement. Acquiring a beginner’s state of mind to find out new points and prevail over incumbent bias is also crucial. Read through additional from this inspiring chef right here.

YourStory has also posted the pocketbook ‘Proverbs and Rates for Business people: A Entire world of Inspiration for Startups’ as a artistic and motivational guideline for innovators (downloadable as apps right here: Apple, Android).