Test your business creativity with Edition 36 of our quiz!

Test your business creativity with Edition 36 of our quiz!

This weekly quiz from YourStory checks your domain expertise, organization acumen, and lateral considering abilities

This weekly quiz from YourStory checks your domain expertise, organization acumen, and lateral considering abilities (see the prior version here). In this 36th version of the quiz, we existing problems tackled by authentic-life business owners in their startup journeys.


What would you do if you had been in their shoes? At the stop of the quiz, you will find out what the business owners and innovators them selves essentially did. Would you do factors differently?

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Q1: Insurtech

Widespread web entry, coupled with escalating diffusion of smartphones, has enabled extra folks to get accessibility to insurance merchandise and companies. Nevertheless, accessibility is only the initially move – what’s another vital part of receiving people today to purchase and advantage from insurance policy?

Q2: The creator boom

The pandemic accelerated the use of instructional, well being, and amusement content material on the net. Electronic platforms enabled creators to correctly link with people close to the world. But what is the next crucial phase in monetising this articles?

Q3: Drone impacts

Drones have shot into prominence in a selection of industries, with applications like aerial pictures, construction internet site monitoring, powerline inspections, and functions in massive suppliers. This can aid strengthen accuracy, minimize prices, and provide new price. How have drones served in a further location – risk administration?

Q4: The journey of entrepreneurship

Anticipating, preventing, and mitigating hazard are vital aspects of entrepreneurship. That is less complicated stated than done. How should really entrepreneurs variable in threat throughout their journeys, and what are the rewards of facing threats?

Q5: Diversity and leadership

Having far more gals in the workforce is a great begin toward becoming an inclusive organization. In addition to social responsibility, it aids layout solutions and services that appeal to broader audiences. What is one more reward of encouraging and empowering females leaders in a company?


Congratulations on owning come this significantly! But there is more to come – responses to these five thoughts (beneath), as very well as inbound links to articles with more particulars on the entrepreneurs’ options. Pleased studying, satisfied finding out – and joyful creating!

A1: Insurtech

“Access is only one facet of the coverage obtain journey. A different similarly critical element is educated determination generating,” says Dhirendra Mahyavanshi, Founder of Turtlemint. He co-established Turtlemint in 2015 as a digital platform to support financial advisors insure their neighborhood of clients.

“Insurance is an crucial threat mitigation software that demands to be universally available,” he adds. This aids deliver transparency and believe in to buyers, according to Peter Browse, Associate at investor Vitruvian Associates. Examine additional about the insurtech prospective in this article.

A2: The creator growth

“The creator economic system is expanding quickly as extra and additional men and women have turned to information creation as a secondary or most important supply of money,” observes Rahul Khanna, Founder of Barcode Entertainment. Connecting creators to models and guiding them in the monetisation journey is important.

“We want to support this new imaginative course by connecting them to the world’s business customer brands, allowing them to flip their enthusiasm into a chance to generate a living,” he adds. Examine a lot more about knowledge-led efficiency, artistic system, and paid media targeting right here.

A3: Drone impacts

“Drone-dependent inspections/deliveries can not only reduce CO2 emissions but can also potentially preserve lives by functioning in confined spaces and harmful environments,” describes Niharika Kolte, Founder of Volar Alta. The startup makes use of AI and ML to automate inspections and facilitate predictive servicing.

All through the pandemic, she served law enforcement forces use drones as a tool for surveillance in containment zones. Examine a lot more about drone impacts on functions, downtime, and stability here.

A4: The journey of entrepreneurship

“One of the most invigorating elements about getting an entrepreneur is dealing with the sudden,” clarifies Eric Grosse, President, Suki.AI. “Having endurance and overall flexibility is also something which is really critical mainly because there are pretty handful of firms that develop in completely surprising methods. There are constantly surprises,” he provides.

“One of the vital characteristics of entrepreneurship is the means to take a threat, not permit the worry of the not known bother you,” affirms Somdutta Singh, Founder, Assiduus World wide Inc. Read through more about how enthusiasm and angle can support go after goals even in the facial area of pitfalls here.

A5: Diversity and leadership

“Having gals in leadership roles has this very important duality of not just showcasing the voice of gals in decision-producing, but also in inspiring other girls to go after their ambition fearlessly,” points out Divya Gokulnath, Co-founder, BYJU’S.

“Women who community can also discover procedures to inquire for promotions, request honest spend, and even develop into mentors to other people, creating a favourable cycle of change for women of all ages in the office,” provides Anita Kishore Main Method Officer, BYJU’S. Browse more about how ladies leaders network for accomplishment in this article.

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